Lost Car Key Replacement
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If you need Auto Locksmith because you got lockout from your car just call us now  (718) 445-9200 and we will be there in less than 30 min with a new car key and access to your car.

Auto Locksmith
Auto Locksmith

Car lockouts are common. According to AAA, there are more than five million drivers who need car lockout service in a year; this is an increase from just a few hundred thousand lockouts in the past three years. When you are locked out of car Queens NY USA, broken the keys, locked keys in the car or lost car keys, you need a professional mobile locksmith. Getting car key replacement in Queens, NY is easy, but when you have locked out of car Queens, NYC USA, you first need access to your car before you can think of other remedies. Here is what you need to know about auto locksmith and 24-hour locksmith near me service professionals and lost car key replacement.

Response Time

If you have locked keys in the car, you need car lockout NYC USAservice urgently, especially if it is at night. When you reach us through (718) 445-9200, our technicians will be at your location in between 15 and 30 minutes. This will, however, depend on a few factors such as how busy our technicians are, their location in relation to your location and the remoteness of your location. Nevertheless, you can be sure that an auto locksmith will be at your location within a short period given the great infrastructure of New-York USA. The good thing is, our locksmith 24-hour technician will tell you how long they may take to reach to where you are.

How Long Does Lost Car Key Replacement Service Take?

When a locksmith for cars arrives where you have locked keys in the car, he/she will do an evaluation to see which method to use to unlock the car door. A traditional car lock takes less than 5 minutes to get past. You can be in your car and drive home or to work within 20 minutes of calling for a Mobile locksmith. However, if your car has more security features than the standard car, the time taken to unlock it may take relatively longer. This should however not worry you; the moment you call (718) 445-9200, you are assured that your car will be attended for chip keys duplicate or other services.

Will Unlocking a Car Lock Cause any Damage?

When locked out of car Queens New York and you are in need of a locksmith 24-hour technician will get past the car security with no damages to your vehicle or to your lock. If you have lost car keys Ford, a professional locksmith for cars will ensure that you gain access to your car without having to incur the cost of unnecessary repairs. In the case of trunks lockout, there may be instances when drilling has to be done. However, when the car key replacement is done, the drilled hole will be covered by your license plate taking the car back to shape. However, in-car lockout service, damages are rare. Whenever you think “could there be a professional 24-hour locksmith near me”? You can easily get a reputable car key locksmith that understands the preciousness of your car.

Cost of Car Unlock Service

There is no standard car lockout service cost for NY USA as the charges are determined by a plethora of factors. First off, when you call (718) 445-9200, you may ask for an estimate but until the locksmith 24-hour service technician comes to your location and assesses the difficulty of the job, it may be challenging to give a good estimate. The technician will see whether you need to be lost car key replacement or you need to access your car.

What Should You Do as You Wait For an Auto Locksmith?

You can be locked out of car Queens New York anytime anywhere. First off, ensure that you are not in a place where you can block traffic. As long as possible stay by your car until the locksmith, you called through (718) 445-9200 arrives. Though it is always advisable to let a professional technician car for you, you can try out a few online DIYs if you feel that your skills can get you a pass into your car without spoiling the car lock. However, in most cases, this may end up wasting more of your time when you could otherwise have asked for car key replacement in Queens New York from a 24/7 service.

Smart Locks: Does a Car Key Locksmith Unlock These Too?

Whether your car uses transponder keys or traditional lock keys, you will get service after calling (718) 445-9200. Any locksmith for cars has been trained to not only bypass traditional locks but even the latest deadlocked car locks and smart cars. There are more ways to get you access to your car besides trying to unlock it using wedges and probes. If you have lost car keys Ford truck, the lock technician may decide on the easiest car lockout service method; and there is a wide variety of options.


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Door HingesDoors hinges one of those things that are a critical part of your NY home that you take for granted. Without hinges, doors would be too heavy and hard to open and close. If you are building a new home, planning to remodel an existing residence or only want to repair hinges that are no longer functioning properly, call us 718 445-9200. We are Armor Locksmith and Security, a NY based door hinges repair install & service company.

Door Hinges Repair Install & Service | NY Metro Area, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Manhattan & NYCOur locally owned organization provides services throughout the Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Manhattan and NYC metropolitan areas. When it comes to door hinges, we are the experts, promising quality workmanship and affordable prices. Here are more details that will explain our door hinges repair install & service.

* Full mortise hinge. As a standard hinge used in the United States, a full mortise hinge measures about 4.5 inches by 4.5 inches. It is made of two plates connected by a central pin and constructed from architectural grade material.

Door Hinges Repair Install & Service | NY Metro Area, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Manhattan & NYC
Door Hinges Repair Install & Service | NY Metro Area, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Manhattan & NYC

* Butt hinge. These common, durable hinges work on interior and exterior doors. You probably see them all the time. They are simply the two rectangular pieces of metal that are connected by a pin between them. One side of the hinge is screwed to the door, and the other is connected to the frame.

* Pivot hinge. By connecting to the top and bottom of a door, the pivot hinge lets a door open inward or outward easily. These hinges force the door closed when it is not in use and are available in multiple grades.

* Concealed hinges. As the name implies, these hinges are not seen when a door is shut. These stainless steel hinges allow a door to be opened to a maximum of 180 degrees.

* Half Mortise hinge. Similar to the full mortise hinge, this hinge is half the width of each plate. Various weight bearing levels are available as well as materials, sizes, and gauges.

Door Hinges Repair Install & Service | NY Metro Area, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Manhattan & NYC
Door Hinges Repair Install & Service | NY Metro Area, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Manhattan & NYC

* Spring hinge. Usually, two spring hinges are needed per door so that each hinge can force the door in opposite directions, forcing it to close.

* European hinges. These hinges are typically used for cabinets. By mounting the hinge component of the mechanism to the door and the plate to the cabinet itself, this hinge plays an important role in securing such units.

* Piano hinge. As its name implies, these hinges are typically used on pianos as one continuous strip. Since these hinges cover the entire length of a door, they are very strong and secure.

* Continuous hinge. These hinges are great to eliminate alignment problems and can be used for folding tables, chests and tool sheds. Lengths can be custom ordered.

For more information about any of these hinges, call us (718) 445-9200. We service NY residential and commercial customers in Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Manhattan, and NYC.

Our professionals provide excellent customer service, high-quality hinge products and affordable prices. For reliable door hinges repair install & service in the Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Manhattan, and NYC areas, call us (718) 445-9200. We are your NY hinge experts.

concealed door

We provide quality concealed door closer installation, services and replacement in New York.  Call (718) 445-9200 today!

A concealed door closer is a great way to safeguard your office or business. Most people will not be able to see your concealed door closer until they are inside of your building so why not use it to help secure your building from danger? Concealed door closer is a highly useful way to give your business a more secure by not letting anyone see the door closer and also protecting it from the public. But why stop there? We can help you design a concealed door that not only is functional and also expresses style and elegance. We also assist indoor repair and replacement.

Our experts can help you keep your door concealed with repair and restoration services. In fact, we’ve helped businesses throughout New York and the surrounding communities repair and restore storefronts.When you come to Armor Locksmith, you’ll have access to a team of brilliant minded locksmiths and designers who can work with you to get the most out of your storefront.


If you’re not happy with your existing concealed door, give us a call and let us put our team to work for you. We’ll cooperate with you to improve the current structure and get the most out of your investment.


If you need a new concealed door on an existing building, Armor Locksmith has your solution. We’ve been providing quality concealed doors for companies throughout the area and offer materials for affordable prices on all commercial door products including the finest restaurant sneeze guards, storefronts, display case glass, as well as commercial doors.

When in need of concealed door installed whether a repair to an aluminum door, replacement of glass, or fabrication of framework; Our locksmiths have the parts and know-how to make or fix it all. concealed doorWe stock raw aluminum extrusions so that when the need arises, we can cut and punch the frame members and assemble the units for installation to complete your project. We even work on awnings.

Our technicians are factory trained in concealed door and service on for almost every type of commercial door in the marketplace. They are known for their imagination and ingenuity. Importantly, we do not use any subcontractors.
They arrive in uniform with a fully equipped truck so they can complete the service repair and get your business back to normal as quickly as possible. We leave your business with the area clean, and doors properly fixed.

With every fixed or operable commercial glass style that may be required. All our Units are easily repairable sash and glass, and automatic locking spring latches. Last, but not least, we install using the finest internal and external glazing materials and techniques.

Concealed door for every type of retail store, shopping mall, schools, churches, hospitals. We also provideShutters of all kinds: window security, rolling shutters, vinyl shutters, aluminum shutters, rolling counter shutters
We maintain an extensive inventory of each brand’s styles and features. concealed door
Once we have the exact size measurements of the storefronts best suited for your needs, our in-house fabrication department uses our equipment to design, weld and fabricate the doors to your exact measurements.

When performing an installation or a storefront repair, our technicians always arrive on time, with fully equipped trucks, the right parts in the right sizes, and with all the tools and equipment they need to complete the assignment.

They work with minimum disruption to your business, and when the storefront repair is finished, they take away the parts and systems that were replaced and they leave the serviced area clean, with windows properly repaired and installed and functioning. The best windows, the best fit, the best installation techniques.

Whether you need custom door installation or need to replace your building’s exterior door, Armor Locksmith has the solution. During your free estimate, we will work with you to discuss the security, traffic, and weather needs of your building. We provide custom fabrication and high quality.

Concealed door repair to ensure that your business can continue day-to-day operations as efficiently as possible with your exterior door.

For your New York area supermarket, retail store, office building, or healthcare office, we can provide and install the best-concealed door solution.concealed door

Call us today to schedule an appointment at your New York area location with the professionals at Armor Locksmith.

Exterior & Security Door Manufacturers

For all of our installation, fabrication, and replacement services, we use only the highest quality materials and products to ensure that your new door will keep your property secure, energy efficient, and accessible for years to come.

Repair & Maintenance for Exterior Doors

There are many reasons you might need a concealed door, but no matter the cause, it’s critical to get the problem fixed quickly—for the security of your building, the safety of your employees, and smooth operation of your business. Our technicians arrive at your location with the skills and equipment necessary to fix your concealed door and get your business back up and running. storefront repairWe provide 24/7 service, so call us today for emergency or scheduled concealed door service!

Our technicians arrive at your location with the skills and equipment necessary to fix your commercial door and get your business back up and running. We provide 24/7 service, so call us today for emergency or scheduled commercial door service!

Armor Locksmith

Why choose Armor, Locksmith? We are dedicated to providing the best value in commercial doors, products, and frames to our customers—When you work with us, we: send only the most professional, knowledgeable, and well-trained group of installers—never sub-contractors! Offer outstanding customer service Provide the highest standards of integrity and quality in the industry Strive for professional (but efficient) installation and repair service no job is too big or small for us!