Locksmith in NY
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Top 7 Tips To Hire A Locksmith in New York

There are various reasons why you will need the services of a locksmith; it may be that you lock yourself out of your car, home, or from your place of work. You may also need the services of a business locksmith when you want to make your place of work or your home more secure. Hiring a reliable and trusted locksmith in New York is not an easy task. There are a lot of names you will see in the Yellow Pages but all of them do not provide the same quality of services.

To help you find the best locksmith when you are searching for their services; here are some tips you need to follow


1. Ensure that they are licensed

Ask to see the state or city license before you hire any locksmith to work on your property.  The locksmith license in New York looks like a driving license with license number, picture, address, and the expiration date. It is also important you hire from a company instead of a single individual and make sure that the individual the company sent to your property is fully licensed.

2. Pricing

Pricing is an important factor you need to consider when searching for a reliable locksmith. A company such as Armor Locksmith and Security has no problem telling you the price you will pay over the phone. A good locksmith company should be able to tell you the price you will pay both for parts and the workmanship before doing your work. This is to ensure that they did not cheat you. With the services of Armor Locksmith & Security, you can be absolutely sure that you will get a transparent price.


3. Local Locksmith

locksmith in NY
locksmith in NY

When searching for a locksmith in NY, use the map on the internet to find the one that is closest to you. Hiring a local locksmith is way cheaper than one from another city. You can ask around for referrals if you are not sure. However, if you are in Queens and surrounding areas, you don’t need to look elsewhere but to Armor Locksmith and Security whenever you need the services of a locksmith. We work 24 hours a day and 7 days in a week, so you are sure of getting us to your location anytime you need us. We can come to your location and put in efficient work within 30 minutes


4. References

Don’t just pick up the Yellow Pages and call the first number you see there, ask for references.  Ask around to know the service your neighbors and those you know are going to recommend for you.


5. Compare

The best way to get the services of the best locksmith in NY is by comparing both their prices and the quality of their services. Instead of choosing the first company you talked to, call few more companies and inquire about their services.  There is nothing more annoying than wasting your time on a locksmith that is going to do a bad job.  Read reviews to know what people are saying about a particular company. Call the company’s customer care service to know about their mode of operation. You can get the customer service of Armor Locksmith & Security anytime you call us. We always have an agent available to attend to your calls.


6. Insurance

Check the insurance policy of the company that you want to hire. An insured company can be able to shoulder the responsibility for any damages done to your property which is their fault in the course of working on your property. Some locksmith companies in New York are not insured. Apart from insurance, check the certification of the company that you call for any locksmith work. When you are looking for a fully insured locksmith company in New York, you can always use the services of Armor Locksmith and Security since we are fully insured and certified.


7. Rely On Your Gut

Most time, your gut feeling is usually right, if you think a locksmith may not be a good fit for your needs, don’t use them. When you call a company and they send over a technician but you did not like them, simply collect an estimate and kindly decline the service. Always follow the steps we outlined in this article whenever you are looking for a reliable locksmith in NY. However, you don’t need to search for a quality locksmith if you are in Queens’s area and its surrounding; you can always call on Armor Locksmith and Security for all your locksmiths need.