Shabbat Lock
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Shabbat Lock

If you need a Shabbat lock just call us now  (718) 445-9200, if you want to lock your home and you keep to forget your keys we have a solution for you Shabbat lock just call us now (718) 445-9200 and we will set up for you a new Shabbat lock.



Shabbat Lock
Shabbat Lock

What could be more convenient than a Shabbat lock for your door?

First you have no keys that can be lost or broken, or just not present when you need them, Our Shabbos locks use no keys, very easy to change it’s combination when needed, strong and solid, and the best part- it’s mechanical, no batteries ,no electric, so it is perfect for Shabbos and Yom Tov. Also, it is a good security for your door since it has no key, so it can not be picked or bumped. We have various styles and finishes and for different applications. Our knowledgeable technicians would see what is the best match for your needs and would fit your door. Benny Jacoby | Owner

Benny Jacoby | Owner 718-445-9200 Armor Locksmith & Security | Specialists in Commercial and Residential Locksmith & Security Armor Locksmith Auto Auto Key and Remote Specialists


We Are Here for You, No Matter What


Shabbat Lock
Shabbat Lock

You never know when you may find yourself in a pickle and unable to open your mechanical keyless door lock. While it doesn’t happen often, mishaps and problems do happen and not every local locksmith can help you get your Shabbat lock open.


At Armor Locksmith New York, we have experience in a variety of locksmith services, which include the type of Shabbos lock that can be found in many of the homes here in New York. Whether you live in Williamsburg or, Greenpoint, or even Long Island or Brooklyn, Queens our Shabbat lock services expand all over New-York USA and we are happy to provide you with service, no matter how far you may be.


Whether you already have the Shabbat lock or you want us to install one for you, you can trust that we are honest and dependable and will provide you with the best locks in New-York USA. We know that some homeowners that celebrate the Sabbath have concerns about the quality and dependability of their locks so we will only use a top-notch Shabbat lock for your door to ensure that no one can break in.



From Your Car to Your Home, We Have the Locks for You


At Armor Locksmith New York, we sell, install, and repair any Shabbos lock that you may need. From 5-digit locks to 14 digits, we have the very best that can be found from Astoria to Bronx, Queens, Williamsburg, Greenpoint, or Brooklyn.

Sometimes a Shabbat lock will stop working suddenly for no apparent reason, but this can be a frustrating experience for anyone. At Armor Locksmith, we are the local locksmith company you can depend on for your mechanical push button door lock.

We know how to repair any kind of lock, even a Shabbat lock, so whether you locked your keys in a car or you are wondering “if there is a locksmith near me,” all you have to do is call us at Armor Locksmith New York and we will be there to help, no matter what.

As professionals with plenty of experience, we are here to make sure that your home stays safe and sound while you are away. Our trustworthy service means that whether you can’t get your Shabbat lock open or you need a new one installed, you will be receiving the best.


Shabbat locks can be tricky, but we have experience with all types of locks. A mechanical keyless door lock may sound confusing, but we understand how to quickly and efficiently fix them. If your home has a mechanical push button door lock, we are experts at repairing them and you can rest assured that we will fix it in no time.

Don’t worry about a thing. We understand your needs and your desire to observe your religion and traditions and we make it easy for those who use a Shabbat Lock (mechanical push button door lock) to get the locksmith service and lock installation they can depend on. You can call us at (718) 445-9200, where we sell and repair all types of locks. As licensed and insured locksmiths, you can depend on us for all of your Shabbat lock needs in NYC, U.S.


Shabbos locks Service, Install & Repair
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Shabbos locks Service, Install & Repair
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If you need a Shabbat lock just call us now (718) 445-9200, if you want to lock your home and you keep to forget your keys we have a solution for you Shabbat lock just call us now (718) 445-9200 and we will set up for you a new Shabbat lock.