Manhattan Window Gates and Security Doors

Many burglaries and burglaries attempts are being done through windows, specially first floor and basements on private houses and offices And on any floor of an apartment building which has “fire escape stairs” which makes it a very easy way to break through.

We have fire escape window gates which are legally proof by the NYFD.


How does it works?

We come and measure the window or any opening that needs protection, and than 2-3 business days after we are ready to install your new Security window gate.

We can make additional designs on our gates, usually the colors are black or white, we mount it strongly and secured to keep you safe.

Security doors and gates:

It is recommended to place a metal security door in front of your main entrance door, our doors are solid and strong, comes with a metal frame and a mortise lock,
We can install them with high security cylinders which makes it even harder to break through them.

So don’t hesitate, call us now! 1-866-772-7667


If you leave in an apartment and want to protect your window against burglaries,NYC law inquires you to install only A fire proof window gate on windows which leads to a fire escape stairs, those window gates are being installed from inside, And they open inward,the locking mechanism doesn’t have a key, since in case of emergency such as fire in the building you don’t need to look for the key, the gate is strongly protected,and there is no way to open it from outside.