Security Cameras

Security cameras are a great way to provide security for your home or workplace. As well as providing you with video footage of any events which may happen, they also act as a visible deterrent to criminals and Foreigners ...

Closed-circuit television (CCTV)

Closed-circuit television (CCTV), as a collection surveillance cameras doing video surveillance, is the use of television cameras for surveillance. It differs from broadcast television in that all components are directly linked via cables or other direct means. CCTV is used in banks, casinos, shopping centres, streets, airports etc. (the eye in the sky).

Security Cameras

Armor Locksmith offers a comprehensive array of security solutions, including:

  • Cabling and Wiring
  • Hidden Cameras
  • Recorders
  • Monitors
  • Cameras

Closed Circuit Television

There are countless benefits to installing a closed circuit television system. What was once a technology only though of for use in dangerous places, has become a common feature at many locations, for many reasons. It is also a technology that has become ever more affordable for even the smallest of business and even for a private citizen. Its applications are endless, but here are a few benefits we have highlighted. Furthermore, with its pairing to the internet, you can monitor a CCTV from anywhere, anytime.

Business owners:

- Negotiate lower insurance rate.
- Record slip and fall accidents.
- Deter criminal activity on your premises.
- Deter employee theft of cash or merchandise.
- Record employee?s behavior on the job.
- keep an eye on your business from a remote location.


- Keep an eye on your nanny?s care of your child/children.
- Monitor your home from anywhere you happen to be.
- Screen visitors at your door from the safety of any television in your home.
- Monitor your small children yourself from any television in your home.

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