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Whether you are an apartment manager, a bank holding a mortgage on a property, or a private landlord renting out a home or apartment you own there are times when you need to evict the tenant through Marshall eviction. The eviction process consists of a court hearing in which the court will hear evidence and decide if the tenant should be evicted. If an evacuation order is entered, the evicted tenant has a set number of days to remove themselves from premises. However, there are some cases when the residents refuse to vacate the property and landlord must obtain a writ of eviction to have the Sheriff or City Marshall evict the hesitant tenant.

What Happens During a Sheriff or Marshall Eviction

In most cases during a sheriff or Marshall eviction, the sheriff or city marshal will contact the tenant to be evicted and let them know at least 24 in advance that the removal will be taken place. When they arrive at the property, the tenants and everyone residing in the rental unit or property must leave the property immediately, and the door is padlocked, or the locks changed. If the tenants haven’t already removed all their property, they must contact the landlord and gain permission to retrieve their property during regular working hours. The evicted tenant has a set amount of time to make arrangements and recover their assets. (Normally 5 to 7 days).

What Exactly is Marshall Eviction Locksmith Services?

Many landlords prefer to have a locksmith service change the locks or rekey the locks rather than the sheriff or marshal place a padlock on the door. When you hire the locksmith service a key control specialist arrives at the rental property with the Marshall or Sheriff who is handling the eviction and once the tenants are removed they then change the lock on the door or rekey the lock as a safety precaution against the tenant keeping the keys or having a copy of the key that the landlord is unaware of.

Once the apartment or house has the locks changed or re-keyed the locksmith will then give the new keys to the landlord, apartment manager or representative of the bank so that they can let the tenants back into the property to receive their remaining property or issue the new key to the next tenants when the property is rented again.marshall eviction

Not every locksmith service provides Sheriff or Marshall eviction locksmith services, one service in Queens that does offer these services are Armor Locksmith.

24/7 Emergency Sheriff or Marshall Eviction Locksmith Services in Queens & NY Metro Area.

There may be times that a Sheriff or Marshall may evict a tenant after 5 p.m. Or early in the morning, we here at Armor Locksmith provide our clients including landlords dealing with an eviction 24 hour a day emergency services so we can be at your service at the time of the removal whenever that eviction occurs. We are only 30 minutes away from any location in Queens so give us a call at (718) 445-9200 thirty to sixty minutes before the eviction to take place, and we will be there to perform lock changing or re-keying duties.

What Happens if We Don’t Hire Your Locksmith Service and the Sheriff or City Marshall padlocks the door?

There may be times when having to evict a tenant is so stressful that you as a landlord simply doesn’t think to call our professional locksmith service until after the eviction takes place and the sheriff or Marshall puts that padlock on the door. That doesn’t mean that you still can’t have those door locks changed or re-keyed either immediately or before you rent the apartment or building again. We here at Armor Locksmith will be happy to provide you lock changing or re-keying services any time you need them or want them.

Are Landlords Required to Change Locks or Have them Re-Keyed after an Eviction?

If you are a new landlord, you may be wondering if you have to have the locks changed or re-keyed following an eviction. Legally the answer is no, but there are several reasons why changing the locks are a good idea. Here are just a few of those reasons:

Evicted tenants are often angry and sometimes vengeful and may decide to enter their former home without your permission. This could result in the new tenants being terrorized, their property being stolen or damaged or damage to the apartment, home or building itself. Even if the tenant gave back the key that doesn’t mean they didn’t have the key copied and you simply don’t want multiple keys to your rental property floating around out there somewhere.
Protecting your present and future tenants. As landlords you want your tenants to feel safe and secure in the home, they have rented from you and changing the locks or re-keying the lock after an eviction is a relatively inexpensive and easy way to provide your new tenants with at least a minimum amount of protection.

Replacing that lock or having the lock re-keyed also gives you as a landlord a certain degree of peace of mind. Whether you own the property or are solely responsible for keeping the property in order why take the risk of having to make costly repairs in the case and evicted tenant decides to do damage to the building? Something as simple as re-keying a lock can help protect the building itself and save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs.
While having to call for sheriff or Marshall eviction locksmith services are rare occurrences when considering the number of rental properties in Queens, knowing that such a service exists for those t rare occasions when you need it is something all landlords should be aware of.

24/7 Locksmith Service

If you need Marshall eviction Locksmith services in Queens, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (718) 445-9200  and one of our licensed locksmiths will be more than happy to be of service to you.



Locksmith Service In Forest Hills, NY
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Exceptional Locksmith Service in Forest Hills, NY with a Fast Response Time

As a homeowner or a car owner, for sure, you would want to feel secure whenever you leave your house or your car, right? That is the importance of hiring a skilled and professional locksmith. When it comes to that matter, there is no doubt that Armor Locksmith is one of the best. This is because we offer a wide range of services that would surely cover your security needs. You just need to dial 718-445-9200 to contact us.

As local locksmiths, we value you, our beloved clients and we also know that you value your money. So, we are here to deliver you the best value you can get from a company offering locksmith services. We have expert staffs in this industry who would always be available in times you most need us. In addition to that, as we have highly qualified experts, we assure you that we would be able to act on your problem fast before it gets any worse, which we surely cannot afford to happen.

Exceptional Services awaits you

For our company, just offering our clients good services is not enough for we always think that our company deserves to have the best services there is. We cannot only help you keep your property and your vehicles safe while you are away for we can also help you in times when you have been locked out and it seems that help is not within your reach. Our company is open 24/7 and regardless of what time of the day you have called us, expect that exceptional services await you. After all, we aim to meet all of your requirements as our clients who have decided to give our company a try and have been willing to spend your hard earned money on our services. In addition to that, we take on jobs involving both non-emergency and emergency cases, so you would have no reason not to avail of our services.

Fast response time

Regardless if your problem is big or small, you can expect a fast response time from us. In fact, we assure you that it would only take you a few minutes to reach us, which means that your problem regarding the keys and locks of your property and of your car would be solved fast. Also, all of our staffs undergo training on a regular basis to ensure that we would be able to provide you the highest quality service standard not only at present but in the future as well. This is also our way to ensure that we remain ahead of our competitors, making us truly a great choice if you have been looking for the best locksmiths near me or near Forest Hills, NY. Also, with our expertise, we can definitely help your property be as secure as it can be by providing you suggestions regarding your locks and security systems. Call us at 718-445-9200 and get to experience working with a credible locksmith like no other.

Upgrade your security measures with our help

Do you think that your current security measures are not enough to ensure you, your belongings and your loved ones or employee’s safety? If so, then now is the time for you to upgrade it and we can definitely help you with that. As auto locksmiths, we can introduce you to the latest upgrades that you can have in your car. Also, we do not only work on vehicles for we also work on both commercial and residential properties as well. We are aware of the fact that the installation process of every technology is different and so, we take our time to master it to ensure that nothing would go wrong and to ensure that it would be working at it’s best.  Hence, expect that we can install even the latest technology, may it be in your car or on your property.

Fully equipped locksmiths

Locksmith Service In Forest Hills, NY
Locksmith Service In Forest Hills, NY

When we say fully equipped, we mean locksmiths that are not only fully equipped with the tools needed to perform a broken key removal or other locksmith services but locksmiths that are also fully equipped with the knowledge to perform a job well done. We can also assure you that we can complete our tasks in just one sitting. With that, we aim to bring back the convenience that your locks and security systems offers you and the other individuals who use your car as well as those who goes in and out of your property. Regardless of whether you would be needing a lock change or rekey service, we are the best option that you have. With our help, cases of burglary are not likely to happen.

It has always been the goal of our company to be the best locksmiths in the area of Forest Hills, NY. WE know that it is truly a traumatic experience to have a broken lock in your property, especially when it happened in the middle of the night. This is the reason why our services are highly available for your needs. We assure you that we know what we are doing and we would not be doing anything that can bring harm to you and to your loved ones.

On the other hand, if your key has been snapped off, you would surely have no idea what to do. With that being said, you just need to save our number718-445-9200 and give us a call. We would then proceed to your location as soon as we can. We can remove the key with ease and without causing any damage to your vehicle. Also, we can make it possible for the jammed locks that you have to work again, which you would surely be thankful of. To sum it up, if ever you would be needing a quick & local locksmith in Forest Hills, NY, then there is no need for you to think twice and just contact Armor Locksmith & Security to free your mind from any worries.