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CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) cameras have grown in popularity in the recent past thanks to their ease of installation and their affordability. In fact, some homeowners are installing CCTV themselves without any need for CCTV install and repair expert. However, there are some dangers that may be associated with that. For one, you need to position your CCTV outdoor surveillance camera or hidden security camera in a way that you can capture any intruder that tries to come into your home without infringing the privacy of your neighbors.

A privacy debate was once raised when a CCTV camera captured a hit and run cyclist outside a residential home. To this end, you need a CCTV services install and repair expert who knows the laws and will install your security camera without any chance of mistakes. There is no substitute for the work a CCTV install and repair professional does all you need to do is just to call us now at (718) 445-9200

A poorly connected CCTV camera will not give you the results you desire. If you reach out to a legitimate, licensed service for home security cameras installation, you will get good CCTV services install and repair and in Armor Locksmith & Security  will ensure that the connection is working and legal all you need to do is to call us now (718) 445-9200

Types of CCTV Cameras

You can get advice on the type of CCTV to choose from a CCTV install and repair expert but your tastes and preferences will also play a role. Home security cameras come in different shapes and sizes; they include dome shape, c-mount, and bullet. C-mount security cameras are good if you need a custom lens. The best home security cameras will be determined by where and when you need to use it. Will it run during the day or during the night or both? Do you need infrared? What dimension do you want it to cover and what resolution will cover that distance? Let a CCTV install and repair expert help you.

For those who live in the high-risk neighborhood, tamper proof home security cameras are a good choice. Knowing the type of security cameras you need will save you time and money when the CCTV install and repair expert comes. Again, you can get a CCTV services install and repair expert to help you choose the best security camera for your home. There are hordes of security camera services install and repair experts and you need to choose the right one. The right CCTV services install and repair should meet your needs.

Security Camera Technologies

A complete indoor or outdoor surveillance camera will comprise of a security camera connected wirelessly or wired together and then connected to a monitor and a recording system. All these gadgets utilize the same Ethernet, Wifi or Local Area Network (LAN) that your phone or computer uses. The system may also be connected remotely to your smartphone through an app or a web-based platform. With this kind of a connection, you can monitor what your kids are doing while you are out and see how much mess your pets are up to when you are at work. To get the systems working smoothly, you will need a home camera system installation and repair expert. With good security camera services install and repair, you will be able to monitor all corners of your home.

Should You Choose Wired or Wireless Cameras?

Whether you choose a wired or a wireless security camera, your home will be protected from theft. The difference between the two is in cost and ease of installation. While a wired home camera system comes with running cables that make installation a tad too cumbersome and costly, wireless cameras are less costly, can be stored in any corner of your home and their installation is easy. However, with a wireless camera, your signal may be interrupted. Your security camera services install and repair technician should be able to assess your home and tell you which kind of camera best fits your home.

Hidden CCTV

Nowadays, home and business owners are installing hidden security cameras which are motion activated and are a tad more costly than other cameras. These cameras may not have the audio capability and they come handy when you want to videotape nannies in your home. When a home security system with audio capability is used, legal issues may arise as that viewed as eavesdropping and wiretapping. You can consult your CCTV services install and repair expert to ensure that your connections are legal.

The professional Difference

It is easy to get tempted to sideline CCTV services install and repair offered by a professional and follow a DIY article or video to install security cameras. While this may save you money if done right, it will cost you more than you can ever want if done improperly. A CCTV install and repair expert knows what they are doing and will get the job done fast and without any damages. For a DIY, a wrong installation can lead to damages which may cost a lot to repair. There are many security camera services install and repair experts and you need to choose the right one. When a professional CCTV services install and repair expert makes a mess, they will pay for the damages Armor Locksmith & Security just call us now (718) 445-9200


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If you need an Alarm Services Install and Repair just call us now (718) 445-9200

For an alarm system to be worth its price, it needs to save you, your family or your property just once. Alarm install and repair services are affordable when you call (718) 445-9200 in Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Great Neck, Manhattan or Bronx NYC. However, if, in the past few weeks or months, you have suffered more than five false alarms, the keypad will not stop beeping and your neighbors are complaining of noise pollution and bright lights at night, it is time you sought alarm install and repair services.
When an alarm system starts beeping incessantly, you need a professional to diagnose and rectify the issue. In NYC, you can get alarm install and repair services by calling 718 445-9200. Even as you wait for a professional to rectify your alarm security system, you need not switch it off as you never know when intruders will strike. Given the delicate nature of security matters, the alarm install and repair service technicians will urgently come to your place. Irrespective of the age, make and model of your alarm, a professional will fix it within no time. Like in choosing the best .window gate services install and repair expert, you need to choose a good alarm services install and repair expert.

What Alarm Services Can You Get?

The most obvious are installation and repair of an alarm system. Besides these, you can contact security experts to maintain your alarm system; offer audits and frequent diagnostics to ensure that everything is working as it should. Most home and business owners have realized the importance of keeping their systems healthy by contracting a technician for monthly or bi-monthly checks. You can get both wired and wireless alarm systems installed and repaired. You can as well link them to your other home security systems. Alarm services install and repair are easily done by a professional.

Alarm Technologies and How They Help You

While a few years ago home security systems were just devices that detected intruders and produced sound, nowadays, these systems can do more than scare away intruders; they can manage your home. Granted, the technological advancements dictate that you hire an alarm install and repair professional.

With alarm services install and repair, you get access to the prevalent trends to not only keep your home safe from burglary but also make other tasks easy. First off, you get touchscreen keypad; there are a luxury in many alarm systems. Today, you can manage your home security systems remotely from a mobile app or from a web-based platform. Here, you are able to know what is happening in your home or your business even when you are on vacation. Managing the hidden security cameras, alarms and CCTV remotely has been made better by video camera integration; you can easily stream video from your home or business. Choosing the right security camera services install and repair will save you money and time.

It is becoming hard to distinguish home automation from alarms systems. Nowadays, your security system can be used to manage your energy. In case you leave on vacation and forget to change your thermostat, your security system gives you remote access to the thermostat thereby saving you energy. You can also turn curling irons left plugged on from a remote location.

With a security system, you have peace of mind as the burglars will be scared away by the simple fact that you have a security system installed. When you need alarm services install and repair services in Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Great Neck, Manhattan or Bronx NYC, just call(718) 445-9200 and you will get a licensed and insured professional offering you great services. With an alarm services install and repair expert, you get good services.

Finding an Installer Near Me

Alarms systems take a few hours to install and can be done by a security firm or any CCTV install and repair professional. If you live in Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Great Neck, Manhattan or Bronx NYC, you can get your installation done by calling (718) 445-9200. This will save you time and the hassle of looking for a licensed and insured one. The response time will be impressive and will be determined by a variety of factors; the availability of a technician at the time the call is placed, the distance from your home or business to the location of the nearest technician, the remoteness of your location and other factors such as traffic snarl-ups. However, averagely, you will get an alarm install and repair expert at your location in thirty minutes or less. You need to get a licensed alarm services install and repair expert.

You can get a rough cost estimate by calling (718) 445-9200 but a technician need to be at your location to give you the correct amount. Charges will depend on the size of property that needs alarm services install and repair, the complexity of the system to be installed or repaired and the other factors that affect the amount of work a technician does.


Locksmith Fresh Meadows
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If you need a Window Gate Install and Repair Services in NYC just call us now  (718) 445-9200



Window guards shield intruders from accessing your home. While you may have a security camera fitted at the gate or any other part of your home, an intruder may still find their way through and though you can see them and even sound the alarm, you may not prevent them from entering your home. To this end, you need window gate install and repair services from a professional in Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Great Neck, Manhattan or Bronx NYC. There are many .window gate services install and repair professionals and you need to choose the best.

A window gate, also commonly known as window bars, is a good complement for home security cameras thanks to their great advantages. You should let a window gate install and repair expert help you get it right.

Why Install a Window Gate?

Installing a gate is an effective way of deterring thieves from entering your home. They are effective. Given that burglars will always think of entering your home from the ground floor, having window bars will have the intruder thinking twice. Again, unlike a security camera, a window gate is easier to maintain and you will need window gate install and repair services mostly once. Not only do these bars keep burglars away but they also shield your kids from climbing and falling out through windows.

Window gates are affordable and do not prevent you from using the window. They are fit for use at home and at your business premises. You can get window gate install and repair services in Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Great Neck, Manhattan or Bronx NYC by calling (718) 445-9200. Choose the best .window gate services install and repair for a good job.

Should You be Worried of a Window Gate?

Even with all the advantages you get after a good window gate install and repair service, the window bars can get you trapped in your house during an emergency. They can hinder fire escape and even deny access to firefighters. Nevertheless, you can install a modern window gate which features a quick release mechanism. These will offer the same level of protection as a permanent bar but opens easily from inside the house thereby upping security without inconveniencing you.

What Models are There?

You can opt for models that require a key to give you access or for those that will require you to use a given tool to open. Some, the modern bars, are easy to open as they feature a latch or a button that snaps off with little force. Though you need a bar that can prevent your kids from falling out of a window, you need one that can easily be operated by the older children giving them the ability to escape in case of an emergency. Ensure you choose the right .window gate services to install and repair expert for a good window gate.

Installation and Repair: DIY or Professional?

The process of installing a modern window gate is simple. First off, you need to choose the style of window gate you need, take the necessary measurements and fix the gate. It sounds easy enough and like you do not need .window gate services install and repair from a professional in Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Great Neck, Manhattan or Bronx NYC. However, like a door or an actual window, installing wrongly will cost you more money than it would have had you sought .window gate services install and repair.

There are a horde of advantages you get when you call a professional at (718) 445-9200. The installation is done fast and without any mistakes that may affect the value of your home. Again, a professional will pay you in case of any damages resulting from wrong installations; and there are rare chances of a mess occurring when a professional handles a NYC window guards installation. However, only the best .window gate services install and repair will get the job done right.

Different Designs

There are different NYC window guards designs to choose from. The design of the bars vary depending on the tastes and preferences of the home or business owner. The grills should match other aspects of your home to keep your interior and exterior décor intact. You choose the width of the bars based on the level of security you need. Business owners can install thick bars and for home security, slim sleek bars will do. Given that you only install once and repairs are rare, .window gate services install and repair are affordable and less wanting compared to CCTV which need constant monitoring.


If you need a Security Camera Services Install and Repair just call us now: (718) 445-9200

security camera

Nowadays, there are so many budget home security cameras, and as such, there is no excuse not to prevent your home from burglary by installing a CCTV camera or other types of security cameras. Most of these wireless security cameras do not need wires and add-ons. They also do not need any monthly fees to keep your home safe.

Though it is easy to install these wireless security cameras, it does not mean that you should do it personally as there are a lot of things that may go wrong when you do it. You can call a professional through (718) 445-9200 and get the installation done smoothly and void of mistakes. There are lots of Do-It-Yourself videos and articles to help you up your security systems and avoid burglary but even then, the new home security systems are very advanced technologically and small mistakes render the devices useless. Security camera services install and repair experts are many and as such you need to choose the best.

How Many Security Cameras are Enough?

A surveillance camera is affordable. Granted, you should be able to install more than a single camera. Yes, there is the Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) surveillance camera that gives you a wider view but even then, it cannot cover all the corners of your home especially the lower level. Whenever the camera zooms out, the image gets pixelated. Instead of struggling to get a clear view of your home, choose enough home security cameras to cover all parts of your home. These can be complemented by alarms installed by alarm services install and repair expert.

The number of home CCTV security cameras will be determined by the size of your home. You can call a professional at (718) 445-9200 and get them to assess the exact number of cameras that will cover your home including the gate and window guards. This type of a setup is wanting in that, whether you install a wifi camera, you will be the one doing the monitoring unlike when you hire a monitoring service.

Positioning Cameras

Just like when taking photos, security cameras need to be positioned right. This is especially important when you are following a DIY. However, if you need the best wireless security camera system installed by a professional in Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan, Great Neck, or Bronx NYC, you can call a technician at (718) 445-9200 and get it done easy.

Security cameras need not point at the ground and need to stay clear of obstructions and away from excess light that may wash out the images. A wifi camera need to be positioned in an area with a reliable wifi signal otherwise it won’t work. Before a HD security camera or other home security cameras are installed, wifi signal should be tested with a mobile device. However, you can buy a camera with a wifi extender.

Are Wireless Security Cameras Totally Wireless?

With this new crop of security cameras, you do not need Ethernet or router wires. Nevertheless, you will still need to connect the camera to power for 24-hour protection. To this end, you need an electrical outlet near the camera to get them working. There are some cameras that run on batteries, but they also need to be charged. You can call (718) 445-9200 to get advice on the best wireless security camera system. Irrespective of the camera you choose, getting a permanent fixture is better for your 24-hour home security.

Is Remote Access Important?

Home security should not be trivialized; you need a system that you can monitor remotely. Not all security cameras will offer you remote control and allow you to make sneak peaks and as such, you need to be cautious when buying one in Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Great Neck, Manhattan or Bronx NYC. Even when remote access is a good thing, you need to first check how you will be accessing your security camera system. Can you see live video on the web? Does it support a smartphone platform? Which phone operating system does it run on? Unfortunately, windows and blackberry users may not get a camera or HD security camera that suits them. There are numerous security camera services install and repair experts and you need to select one who meets your needs.

Camera Repairs

Security cameras for your gate, window guard, door and other parts of your home will come pre-configured. Even then, you need to customize them with a password for double protection. The camera needs to request for a password for better protection. You can call Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Great Neck, Manhattan or Bronx NYC security experts at (718) 445-9200 to learn more. When your camera needs repair, you only need to call (718) 445-9200 and get a CCTV install and repair expert diagnose and fix it. Choosing the right security camera services install and repair is key to the success of your camera system.


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Roll Down Gates are an economic solution for security against theft, damage and other applications. With so many applications, choosing a security gate or commercial garage door can seem like a daunting task.


rolling gate
Today, gates no longer need to be ugly, industrial looking blockades against vandal and thieves, but come in a wide variety of models, styles, colors, materials and finishes.

For this reason Armor Locksmith & Security makes this process easy; Specialist share their expertise with clients to make sure they make the right choice and to prevent them from wasting money on unnecessary repairs or replacements in the future.
Rolling gates are heavy moving objects which require some servicing and occasional repairs for good operation. Motors wear out and break down on electric openers. Tracks can get damaged and safety features can malfunction or need adjustments. Armor Locksmith & Security can quickly service, repair or install just about any type of security gate system in the greater New York City area.


Armor Locksmith

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We custom fabricate swinging window security gates with and without fireproofing per your measurements. Additionally, we fabricate our security gates with a mortise lock box inside it – guaranteed to protect your home or business and fit into any frame like a glove!


customer windows & security gates

We have several designs to choose from, but we can manufacture custom designs/colors as well. Our window gates are perfect for NYC apartments as well as for brownstones and offices, both with and without a/c boxes.

We use a high-quality steel and all of the proper screws/anchors for installation in order to provide you with the maximum level of security. It is possible to bypass an alarm or a lock, but there is almost no way to bypass our window gates – and unlike alarms. there is no monthly fee or possible wiring or communication issues. Once your custom gate is in place, you are protected!
Learn why Armor Locksmith & Security custom made-to-order window and security gates are the right choice for your apartment building, condominium, home or business!


Armor Locksmith & security

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Eyes–even when you’re not around! Many security problems start when no one is watching. Video surveillance services assure monitoring around the clock and from all angles to keep an eye on places you value, even when you are not looking.

Armor Locksmith & Security provides their customers with different types of DVR’s and cameras. Customers can select the DVR and camera to fit their application and budget. The DVR can be PC-based or standalone, 4-channel, 8-channel, 16-channel, or 32-channel. The cameras can be PTZ, box, IR, dome, and special cameras. In addition, Armor Locksmith & Security has available, different kinds of cablings including coaxial cable, cat5/cat6, fiber optic, and modulator/demodulator for customer’s environments and applications.
Armor Locksmith & Security has many years of experience in the CCTV industry. Our quality installations are performed by highly trained technicians. Their goal is to surpass the expectations of our customers.


Let one of our trained professionals see what you see and help you design the perfect security system. We understand weaknesses in security and we can help minimize risk. Our expert consultation is free of charge.

Armor Locksmith

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Reliable communication between areas of your home or office is important. Intercom systems are ideal for identifying people by simply pressing a button.Armor Locksmith & Security offer intercom systems that are designed to match our customer’s needs.

intercom & buzzer
Our skilled technicians use audio and/or video communication products, that are customized for Apartment buildings, offices, and storefront locations.
Telephone Entry System This system provides visitor access control to apartment buildings, gated communities, condominiums, office building and industrial sites. A tenant communicates directly with a visitor using the telephone entry system and can grant or deny admittance directly from a land line or cellular phone with the touch of a button.
Single/Multi-Tenant Audio or Audio/Video Intercom Systems Single/Multi-tenant Audio or Audio Video intercom systems are a direct connect system that doesn’t require a dedicated phone line to the tenant’s location. The system improves security by requiring individuals to be at the tenant inside the station to answer calls and grant access.
Whether it’s a repair, standard installation or more of a custom intercom system, Armor Locksmith & Security can cover your needs.
We’re an honest company and will charge you for the “true” time it takes to correct the issue. Our many years of expertise in the field will save you a significant amount of time and money in the long term

Sales • Installation Service • Repairs • Upgrades

Armor Locksmith & Security

65-02 164th St, Fresh Meadows, NY 11365

(718) 445-9200 info@armorlocksmithny.com



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From a single door or gate to a complex system of multiple doors, Armor Locksmith & Security installs and services both full access control systems as well as single door stand-alone units.

access control

We have years of experience installing all types of access control systems including, but not limited to:

Digital Keypads               Proximity sensors/ Key Fobs
Card Swipe Systems        Biometric Fingerprint Sensors


We have years of experience installing all types of access control systems including, but not limited to:
We have experience installing these access control systems to secure and access traditional buzzers, magnetic locks, and Securitech electrified locks. We fully realize the importance of having a functioning and easy to operate access control system to secure your investment. Our professional technicians will install and train you to use the system to its maximum capacity.
We also offer full-service repairs and upgrades to existing access control system. If your magnetic lock or buzzer aren’t functioning well, or if you are having any issue with your system, give us a call today and learn how we can help you repair or upgrade your security system.
Your Security Solutions Experts

65-02 164th St, Fresh Meadows, NY 11365 (718) 445-9200                                                                                                                                                  info@armorlocksmithny.com                                                                                                                                                                   www.armorlocksmithny.com Armor Locksmith & Security
Digital Keypads Card Swipe Systems
Proximity sensors / Key Fobs Biometric Fingerprint Sensors



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We know first impressions are everything; that’s why we supply and install a wide array of doors to create the perfect entry for your home, building, apartment or office.

doors & hordware


Need doors for inside? We supply and install interior doors to add privacy and security to any room.
We don’t just stop at doors we also supply and install all door related hardware. New door closer because of a slamming door, new hinges to ensure proper hanging, new panic exit device, for egress in times of an emergency or new locks and trims for an updated look, we do it all!
Our services are guaranteed to be up to all building codes and are FDNY compliant. We are knowledgeable about building codes for removal of any existing building violations.

Our customers have complete freedom to choose and customize doors that best suit their security needs and aesthetic sense.